Ever pray for your future son-in-law?

Ever pray for your future son-in-law?

Postby daffodyllady on Sun Jan 20, 2013 6:01 pm

I am sure any of you who have a daughter can feel the burden of this...
How tenderly we raise them, how we try to shelter them and nurture them,
How we pray for their safety and their future.
And that very important proposition: the man in their future. How can I turn this very vulnerable and innocent young girl to the care of a young man? How can I trust him with her heart and life?

I have prayed for a certain young man for many years, not knowing who that young man might turn out to be. Finally, I think I am seeing God's answer to my prayers...

My daughter has seriously begun dating a very level-headed, kind and nurturing, and very Christian young man. He is a doctor's son, is currently an EMT, and is thinking of following in his dad's footsteps. I am in awe of God's provision. As a low-income single mom, the very idea of my daughter landing such a catch is mind-blowing.

Of course, they aren't engaged yet, but they are seriously talking of marriage!
Thank the Lord with me.
Come ye out from among them, and be ye separate, and touch not the unclean thing, and I will recieve you... Abstain from all appearance of evil...Without holiness shall no man see the Lord.
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Re: Ever pray for your future son-in-law?

Postby burien1 on Sun Jan 20, 2013 6:10 pm

Happy to hear that. :grin:

Psalm 119:105; Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.
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Re: Ever pray for your future son-in-law?

Postby GodsStudent on Mon Jan 21, 2013 8:09 pm

Well, all he was looking for was a level headed, smart, and sensible young lady with whom he could raise a family. I will certianly Praise the Lord with you, Daffodyllady, but gonna have to give you credit for raising her......you dun good, girl!
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Re: Ever pray for your future son-in-law?

Postby proparent on Mon Jan 28, 2013 5:52 pm

I did the opposite, I prayed for years for my future daughter-in-law. 2 years ago my son met and married a beautiful and Godly young lady! Together they minister to young adults in their church and school settings, plus both are in a worship and praise band started by my son several years ago called "Wandering". God is so good!

Lovin' the winter!

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Re: Ever pray for your future son-in-law?

Postby Mrs. B on Mon Jan 28, 2013 9:09 pm

Ever pray for your future son-in-law?


My daughters are all married....
Now my Grandaughters.....
and Great Grand...

I lay hands on them and in Jesus name dedicicate them to Him....and also for the boy child some where out there.
also for my daughter in laws.....for all my children....
Dad and I just celebrated our 55 year aniversary.....we begin two....and we are about 50 now...I can't count that high...
God is so good....I can't praise Him enough.....I love Him today with all that is in me....GLORY
I'm looking forward to meeting all of you some day......real so....
Mrs. B
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