Miracles happen all the time.

Miracles happen all the time.

Postby daffodyllady on Sun Sep 08, 2013 11:01 pm

Tonight at church, I found out that dear Bro. Leonard from my church had fallen from a scaffold when a board broke under him, two days ago. He landed with a horrible scream, which his wife heard. 911 was called, and he was transported on a back brace board. At the hospital, scans were done, and two doctors recommended immediate surgery, to repair several broken vertebrae. He refused, believing God was healing his back. The next morning, another scan was done, and a doctor came in and said he didn't understand it, but there was no need for surgery. Everything was perfectly in place, and it seemed to be holding steady.
...The man asked the doc if there was any evidence of any ruptured disc... several years ago, doctors had told him he had needed surgery on a ruptured disc. But through prayer, he was healed from pain, and never went back to the doc. The doctor said there was no sign on that scan of any ruptured disc.
...The man was sent home that day, which was yesterday. He walked in to church today, stiff and sore. But he's walking.

An elderly lady of the church happened to be in the ER (heart symptoms) at the very moment bro. Leonard arrived, and hearing his scream as they transferred him, she knew who it was on the other side of the curtain. Her husband (retired minister) confirmed after peeking... so they held a prayer meeting on both sides of that ER curtain, each for the other. She was released that same day, after they helped a hernia unlock itself. She was in church tonight, too, in good health.

A lady testified that she had given a prayer cloth to a friend who had a wound which was refusing to heal. But she was growing much worse since then. The flesh was actually dying deep in the wound, and it was growing larger. The doctor told her she had to come have it cut out, to avoid gangrene.
She had no faith in such things as prayer cloths. But a friend of hers told her of a relative who had received a prayer cloth from our church, who was healed miraculously from cancer. So she decided to take it more seriously, and began to wear it. After only one day of wearing it, she went for an appointment for pre-op tests.
... The doc who examined the wound was astounded. There was NO dead flesh inside that wound! It was healing very fast. The dead flesh had come back to life, and new flesh was growing! That was this week, also.

A relative of mine had a stroke last week, and lay unresponsive in the hospital for days. Her brain showed signs of swelling, which triggers death. Much prayer went up on her behalf. And now she is eating, drinking, and talking. The doc looked at her and turned to the family... "I take it you have been praying in this room?"

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Re: Miracles happen all the time.

Postby Abiding in His Word on Mon Sep 09, 2013 4:30 am


Thanks for sharing these healings, Daffodyllady!
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Re: Miracles happen all the time.

Postby burien1 on Mon Sep 09, 2013 6:10 am

:praise: No doubt in my mind that our Lord still heals !
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