Healing Miracle.........

Healing Miracle.........

Postby T-Minus? on Tue Sep 24, 2013 2:47 pm

Today is September 24,2013 and I just realized 10 minutes ago that I received a personal healing miracle so I wanted to glorify God and edify my brothers and sisters with the report!! I had a mole on my forearm that was about 1/16 inch tall, 1/4 inch diameter that would occasionally change colors. It has been there for several years. About a month ago I asked God to take it away,as I had done numerous times in the past. Every day it was still there but I thanked God anyway for the evidence not yet seen. I did that every time I looked at it. I had forgotten about it for a few days and just now noticed that it was gone! I am personally edified by this small miracle. I have another medical condition much more serious that I need to believe for. In addition, my wife has to have gall bladder surgery in two days. It is a humbling thing and a very special feeling to realize that God heard me. I thank him for it!!!!!!! Maranatha!!
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