Board Rules

Board Rules

Postby Herb on Mon Jun 19, 2006 6:40 pm

Board Rules

1. Our number one rule is from our Lord Himself. We are to love each other, no matter how deeply we may disagree. If we can't even handle each other, how are we going to handle persecution? So, if it can't be said in love, don't say it.

2. Number two rule is to always honor God's Word as our ultimate authority. It's OK to disagree about what it says, but don't disagree about what it is.

3. No bad or offensive language of any kind and no linking to pornographic or otherwise offensive Websites.

4. No linking to other discussion boards.

5. No posting personal messages (PM's) without senders permission.

6. No unnecessarily long posts that no one wants to read.

7. No date setting for Christ's return.

8. No labeling somebody the AC. Instead of the person, focus on the prophecies you feel the person may be fulfilling. Let God do the labeling, not us.

9. No promoting a political agenda or some conspiracy theory. This is a Bible prophecy site. We want to keep our primary focus on God's Word.

10. No using the board to promote products for sale or otherwise.

11. Personal websites are allowed in your profile only. All posting of websites are subject to approval by mods/admin.

12. No promoting religious views contrary to those found in our Statement of Faith.

13. No speaking disrespectfully, or with contempt, about the President, his Office, or the United States government. We are to respect the authority God places over us. It's OK to disagree. Just do it with respect.

14. No infringing on the property rights of others. Follow our rules regarding copyrighted material. They are posted separately in Rules for Copyrighted Material.

15. Always treat our Administrators and Moderators with due respect. Keep in mind, as owner of the board, I reserve the right to delete anything, or refuse or ban any membership, with or without cause. The primary focus of the board is world events and Bible prophecy, and anything seen to threaten that focus may be disallowed.

16. There is a ONE USER NAME PER PERSON rule. Once registered, please do not try to re-register using another user name as it will be removed.

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