Rick Warren: Evangelical and Mainline Churches Need to Recon

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Rick Warren: Evangelical and Mainline Churches Need to Recon

Postby ObjectsAppearCloser on Tue Jan 29, 2008 6:23 pm

Rick Warren: Evangelical and Mainline Churches Need to Reconcile

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All of you who thought that the divinity of Christ, the Virgin birth, the penal substitutionary atonement, the literal resurrection of Jesus, and the inerrancy and authority of Scripture are worth dying for are apparently wrong. The Christian Post reports that Rick Warren is calling on evangelicals to reconcile with mainline churches to stop the mainline churches from dying. Let me repeat that line: Rick Warren is calling on evangelicals to reconcile with mainline churches to stop the mainline churches from dying. Wow.

“The reconciliation is that in a pluralistic world…we (Christians) need to be on the same team because we share the same savior,” Warren contended Sunday, as he spoke with the dean of the Washington National Cathedral, Samuel T. Lloyd III, who observed that evangelical churches are thriving and full of vitality, while most mainline denominations are confronting worrisome membership decline.

During the Cathedral’s weekly Sunday Forum: Critical Issues in the Light of Faith, Lloyd asked Warren how mainlines should tackle the problem.

So there Warren sits, with the dean of the nation’s top apostate episcopal church, (which regularly features New Spirituality teachers and which thinks homosexuality is A-OK) telling the world that we all worship the same Savior. Rick Warren wants to reconcile with episcopal churches like this one in Seattle where the female pastor managed to become a Muslim while still retaining her clergy credentials. That’s some accomplishment! Rick Warren doesn’t want to see these mainline churches die so he wants evangelicals to link arms to save them.

Rick Warren characterizes the rift between mainline and evangelical like this:

“100 years ago the phrase ‘social gospel’ first came out,” Warren responded. “Some people took that to mean only if we reform the social government and society and not personal faith in Christ Jesus – that is, if we make the world a better place – we don’t need personal redemption.”

That idea led to mainline churches going “one way” and evangelical churches another way, he said.

Uh, Mr. Warren, aren’t you forgetting something? How about those troublesome issues of cardinal doctrine? Did they teach you about the fall of Princeton Seminary and the others that followed all those years ago when you were in training to be a pastor? Did you ever hear of the battle over the authority of Scripture, or did your seminary professors keep you too busy with church growth classes? Did you ever hear of modernism and higher criticism that gutted these churches in the last century, Mr. Warren, or were you too occupied at the Crystal Cathedral sitting at the feet of Robert Schuller to learn about those historic battles over truth?

Rick Warren’s statements should disgust every Christian who loves Holy Scripture and who understands the importance of the fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith. He dismisses these issues as nothing more than a disagreement over ways and means. Rick Warren cares nothing about truth, nothing about the lost souls on their way to hell in these churches that blaspheme the Lord Jesus Christ with goddess worship (see this ELCA church website), homosexuality, a rejection of Christ’s penal substitutionary atonement, a denial of the authority of Scripture, and the promotion of the doctrines of anti-Christ.

I have news for Rick Warren and the dean of National Cathedral. Mainline churches and a growing number of highly populated evangelical megachurches aren’t dying, they’re already dead. True life in a church comes not with thousands streaming through the door, but through the true knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ as revealed in the Bible. Such knowledge is impossible in churches where the Gospel message is absent and lies are preached in its place. Influential Southern Baptists like Dr. Al Mohler and anyone else who loves biblical truth must speak out against Mr. Warren’s apostasy. To remain silent on this is treason against the Lord and His church.

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